Coming Out

What means Coming Out?

Every queer person has it, but everyone has a different look and will answer the question a little differently. Today we know that being gay, bi, lesbian, trans or just being queer is not the result of education, role models or any kind of experience in the course of life but is simply innate. It is also clear today that a person’s sexual orientation/gender identity cannot be changed. You can live against your own orientation/identity and it is possible that you not even notice this for a while. However, nothing in the world can, for example, make a straight guy gay or a gay guy straight. Many queer people look back during their adulthood and realize that they were already signs of their predispositions since childhood, but in childhood and early adolescence, many queers and the people around them do not notice any of it.

Coming out is now the process in which the “real” sexual orientation/gender identity, that lies dormant in a person, comes to the surface and can help the respective person to lead a happy and self-determined life.