Rosa Hilfe Gala

The Rosa-Hilfe-Gala is an annual benefit gala of Rosa Hilfe. At the Rosa-Hilfe-Gala, artists appear who are an integral part of the regional and partly also national cultural and entertainment scene. They all waive their fees on this evening in favour of Rosa Hilfe.

In 1978, gay men were offered advice on gay issues for the first time in Würzburg – a fact that shows how long the interests of gay men have been actively represented in this city and how there are corresponding offers for them and their relatives and friends.

The income from this event – in addition to support and grants from the WuF-Zentrum e.V. (Schwulesbisches Zentrum Würzburg) as well as the city’s self-help office, the income from this event makes a significant contribution to ensuring that the advisory services are as qualified as possible. To this end, the six volunteer Rosa-Hilfe counsellors who currently work for Rosa-Hilfe regularly take part in further training measures (e.g. conversation, approaches to counselling, supervision).


Rosa Hilfe Gala 2018
This year we celebrated our 40th anniversary of the consulting services of the Rosa Hilfe in Wuerzburg on 18 November
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Rosa Hilfe Gala 2017
The traditional Rosa-Hilfe-Gala in the Bockshorn was again held in 2017 under the patronage of our Lord Mayor Christian Schuchardt .
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Rosa Hilfe Gala 2016
From the Wuerzburger Mainpost of 11 October 2016 (scht): Travesty star Elke Winter has heated up the audience at the Rosa-Hilfe Gala
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