Rosa Hilfe Gala

The Rosa-Hilfe-Gala is a benefit gala of Rosa Hilfe. At Rosa-Hilfe-Gala, recognisable artists from the regional and nationwide cultural and entertainment scene perform on one evening to raise funds for the Rosa Hilfe.

In 1978, for the first time, gay men were offered advice on gay issues for the first time in Würzburg – a fact that shows how long the interests of gay men and the corresponding offers for them and their relatives and friends have been actively represented in this city.

The raised funds from the Rosa-Hilfe-Gala make a significant contribution to the Rosa-Help’s budget next to the support by the WuF-Centre (queer centre in Würzburg) and by the local council (department of social activities). It ensures amongst other things the possibility to take part in further training measures (e.g. interviewing techniques, approaches to counselling, supervision) to offer qualified advisory services.